More information about this product is available on our website here.

Before we help you with the onboarding (which will take approximately an hour), there's some information you will need before hand.

Payment Gateway

We support two gateways - either Stripe or eWay.  If you don't have either of those gateways, you can sign up to Stripe online. With eWay, we can help you get signed up.

To connect to Stripe, you can grant the system access as part of the signup process. To connect to eWay, you will need to have your API key and password. To find this, login to your eWay account, and go to My Account > API Key.

Your Company Logo

Must be in the format of JPG or PNG, with a recommended size of 120 pixels high or wide.

SMTP Gateway details (optional)

To send invoices out using our white-label service, you will need to have the credentials for a SMTP gateway handy:

  • Host
  • Port (if not default)
  • Use SSL - yes/no
  • Username
  • Password


If you wish to charge a surcharge on credit card payments based on the type (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX etc) or for a particular client, you'll need to have a list of these to enter.