If you are noticing a delay in the processing of your invoices please check your sync logs for the invoice that is delayed. If you see the words "Autotask Invoice number is empty!" your invoice is being purposely slowed down please read the background reason and resolution below.


Our software team recently discovered an issue with the AutoTask API that was allowing invoice data to be downloaded before it had completed the invoice process. We escalated our findings to Autotask and they have issued us with a workaround. As part of the workaround any invoices generated that have NULL (empty) original invoice number will have up to a 10 minute delay. Even if your Cloud Depot account is configured to use Xero invoice numbers. To avoid this delay please configure your account to generate an invoice number in Autotask during your invoicing run. Upon sync time our tool will replace it with a Xero or AT Id number (if configured to do so).