Cloud Depot supports running multiple Xero Accounts from 1 Autotask account. The Xero accounts can be from different regions and currency types. Please note that each account requires a new subscription with Cloud Depot on our instant Sync Plan.

Note: Before you begin please ensure that you have no invoices in Autotask waiting to be synchronized with My Accounting Toolbox. Please get in-touch with our support team before you begin so we can assist you through the setup process.

How it works

Cloud Depot controls the sync follow of invoices using a Parent and Child setup. 

The Parent Cloud Depot account will be the primary puller of new invoices into your child accounts. You tell Cloud Depot which Child accounts invoices are to flow to by using User-defined fields in Autotask (UDF).

In the example below the organisation has 3 Xero companies all supported by one Autotask Account called, ABC Company Support. The Xero organisations are based in UK, Australia and USA.

We first setup the 3 new Cloud Depot Accounts using our signup wizard. During the setup process we connected to the single Autotask account but connected each Cloud Depot account to its corresponding Xero account. After the setup we left the sync in a "Paused" status.

Cloud Depot Austalia (in green) has been designated as our Parent Account, this will be the account that controls the invoice flow and checks the UDFs and sends the invoice data into the correct child accounts.

Setup Your User-Defined Fields

We now setup our User Defined Fields in Autotask, navigate to: Admin - > Features & Settings -> User-Defined Fields then under the Accounts tab click New

Name your User-defined field and give it a description, you can select the required field and we recommend you use the default option on the list. The default option should be applied to the Child that has the most Autotask accounts.

Name: Name of your UDF

Description: Describe your UDF

Field Type: List

Required (Optional)

Advise Cloud Depot Support of the Accounts

Cloud Depot should now be advised of your UDF values. Please advise us of each of the Cloud Depot Account names and the corresponding UDF Value and which account you have selected to be your Primary Account. The support team will link your Organisations together and advise when you can begin testing.

Apply the correct Account to each customer in Xero

Now that you have setup your UDF, you can now go and apply them to your customers in Autotask. Under the User Defined tab in the Customer account find the UDF name that you setup in our example its called Xero Account. We recommend you setup a few then do a test run to make sure its working correctly.