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We have built the platform to be highly scalable and fault resilient, however from time to time, faults can arise that are outside the scope of our platforms ability to handle them. When that happens a fault counter will be added to a invoice and the invoice will try again within its normal sync period. 

If the invoice faults 3 times consecutively, the status of the invoice changes to fault and it will not attempt to resync again, unless the user clicks to resync the invoice. If you or your users have alerts setup under your profile page you will be emailed a generic email advising that we have detected a fault on the platform within 1 hour of the fault.

My Sync has stopped what do I do?

Review the sync logs that will tell you what is happening under the hood of My Accounting Toolbox.

(1) Is the Autotask connection active? Re setup here

(2) Is the Xero connection active? Re setup here  

(3) Is the Invoice in fault because of a validation reason in Autotask or Xero - review the logs against the most common issues below.

(4) If you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact our support   

Rounding issues in Xero invoices

Autotask and Xero now supports four decimal places, you can activate four decimal places under advanced settings in Xero Options in our console. 


Please note four decimal place support needs to be activated in Autotask, no change is required in Xero.

Below are some common faults that can occur on our platform.

Please note this is not a complete list of issues

Invoice not of valid status for modification

Xero fault - means that invoice number already exists in Xero for the invoice you are trying to sync from Autotask. 

This issue is usually caused by the option "Use Autotask Numbers" selected under invoice options. A number of workarounds are available the easiest is to change the invoice number in Autotask and then click the resync button in Cloud Depot.

The access token has expired

Xero fault - this is caused by the invoice timing out on the Xero end and not being able to process within the allocated timeframe.

Xero contacts keep changing

This is caused by the Autotask API choosing the wrong contact to be used during the sync process. Please see this article on how to correct it.

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

Xero or Autotask API fault - this is caused by overloading, outage or maintenance with the partner API, this fault is very common.

Organisation is not subscribed to currency

Configuration error - your currency in Cloud Depot doesn't match your currency in Xero.

The user account has been locked. Please see your Autotask Administrator for details.

This is caused by a change of password on the Autotask end but not updated on our end. Please use API account in Autotask.

Unable to sync Invoice. No valid contact for the invoice

Error Message: Unable to sync Invoice. No valid contact for the invoice - please ensure that the account has at least 1 active contact. 

This is usually caused by not being able to download a active contact from Autotask for a Account. Log into Autotask and check that you have at least 1 active account. 


You can use a UDF to tell My Accounting Toolbox which contact is your accounts contact see this article.

Once you have added or enabled the contact in Autotask, log back into the My Accounting Toolbox dashboard panel and click the fault button for the invoice(s) that have the contact issue.

 Click the "Resync this Invoice" button. That will trigger our sync to re-pull down the invoice and contact details for processing.

Cloud Depot user password not being accepted

A security filter prevents passwords that contain the characters '<', '%', '&' please don't use these in your passwords.

Can't find Xero Contact with Account Name: xxx

The account lookup in Xero is case sensitive and the words and spelling must be exact.

Timeout Expired error when connecting to Autotask

The Autotask API gets overloaded from time to time and this error can occur, in most cases it will self correct.

Error connecting to Xero

The Xero API gets overloaded from time to time and this error can occur, in most cases it will self correct.

Invoice Amounts do not match

This is a fail safe check to ensure that our system doesn't sync values that differ from Autotask. Please contact support if you have this error for further investigation.

Invoice contains no line items skipping over

No billing items were found, this is usually found on voided invoices but can also be a Autotask fault. Please contact support if you are unsure.

Invalid email address can't sync invoice

Autotask allows for non compliant email addresses to be entered into the contacts details - this will cause a Xero validation exception, please check the contacts email address.

Autotask Invoice number is empty

Please see this online article regarding this issue