Purchase orders can bring down your purchase orders from Autotask and sync them into Xero as either purchase orders or sale bills. Most customers will import purchase orders as sale bills.

To activate Purchase orders from the navigation panel under My Accounting Toolbox -> Configuration select Purchase Order

Please note that Purchase order module is not available on all pricing plans.

How would you like your AutoTask Purchase Orders imported:

We can import Autotask Purchase orders as either bills or use the Xero purchase module and import as Xero purchase orders.

Purchase Orders should import into Xero as

We recommend using draft invoices as they can be deleted if you discover any configuration issues.

When Should we Sync AutoTask Purchase Orders

We can import invoices based on the criteria in Autotask has been meet, these can either be as approved or marked as received in full. Please note that once a purchase order is created in Autotask our service will only look for changes on it for 90 days.

What is your default terms for Purchases from your Suppliers

Options for payments

Sync Back

Sync back history, please note this sync period is now fixed at 90 days regardless of your selection, this option is only displayed for backwards compatibility reasons.

Append Memo to Reference in Xero

This will append the memo field from Autotask into Xero.

Use Vendor Invoice Number as Xero reference

This will append the invoice number from Autotask into the reference field in xero.